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Cloud Backup

 Having your data in the cloud creates a seamless, automatic, secure and continuous next-generation backup. Protecting your data in the cloud, provides the best options in data storage and redundancy. Having natural disasters and physical onsite damage or even security issues are illuminated by having a secure, accessible and easily manageable cloud storage offsite.

 Business critical files are protected automatically in the cloud and can be restored easily by our IT administrators. Relying on incomplete or tape based backups expose businesses to lost data, data corruption, lost company productivity, and lost business. Many small and medium-sized businesses are not equipped due to cost and complexity of local solutions, basically incomplete data protection plans.

 Backing up in the cloud solves the problem with a next-generation solution that allows users to back up data directly to the cloud. We ensure fast backups and automatically transmitting your data to the cloud at convenient times, that won’t impact your network. When employees are traveling, or after hours.

Cloud Features

Multi-PlatformProtects a broad range of operating systems, platforms, applications and databases in both virtual and physical environments.

MS Exchange supportIncluded agent software backs up Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010.

MS SQL Server SupportIncluded agent software backs up Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 with database level recovery.

Key Capabilities

Hybrid Cloud Based

Companies get the best of both worlds with total protect between the cloud and onsite backup. Our hybrid system and configuration allows our customers to choose the best strategy for their business needs. Company data is synchronized offsite directly to the cloud with the hybrid option to back up data onsite as well as to the cloud, ensuring fast backups and retrievals.

dministrators have the ability to choose to back up to local servers, which automatically and continuously transmit data to the cloud. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with an increasing reliance on data, and organizations with remote offices and workers, this solution allows companies to tailor their cloud-based or hybrid backup choice at the organization, department, user or server level.

Comprehensive and Compatibility

Our flexible system allows for backup of standard protocols to backup network data. Providing compatibility with multiple operating systems, Windows, Linux and OSX . The included backup software natively protects Windows servers and popular Microsoft applications. Not only does it give you one place from which to manage and monitor the state of all your backups, it also provides one of the most comprehensive backup services available.

Our backup can store, manage and recover exchange data – meaning that we handle large exchange store backups with ease. Provides extensive coverage – MS exchange, SharePoint, Oracle applications, SQL. Works across virtualized environments – VMware and Hyper-V

Full Local Backup
With Raid Redundancy

Some customers are not yet committed to the cloud. They believe in hosting all their own data onsite and for multiple locations we have site to site replications. Our choices of NAS devices and Backup Servers provides ample storage for complete onsite backup of an organization’s current data.

By having your information local, administrators can restore data directly from onsite at local LAN data transfer rates. This is the fastest way to recover lost data or recreate historical data. The assurance of maintaining a synchronized off-site copy that reflects the latest data backed up locally with data protection that can be managed from Windows-based servers located in main, branch or remote offices. Since there is no extra charge for local backup


The flexibility of our backup lets administrators choose exactly what gets backed up and when. Easily managed from anywhere with multiple deployment options that make setup easy. Scheduled backups and replication settings that can be controlled at an individual data source level. Backup network volumes and selected areas within a network volume for backup. Management consoles with process and monitoring capabilities lets you remotely deploy, monitor, and manage the service for your customers and ensures that data is protected. Backup connections to VMware ESX, ESXi, Microsoft HyperV on Windows Server 2008 r2, the Windows Agent captures images, duplicates data and restores.