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Network Management

The continuity of your business should be paramount. Your IT Network is the backbone of your business. Network security and data backups should not be left as a “when I get to it” task, or your company’s “to-do” list in spare time. You could be putting your business at risk in the event of a disaster or audit. A Network is a complex arrangement of hardware and software that, when working properly, enables lighting fast communications, unchains you from the office, and provides a competitive advantage.

The same can be true if the documentation on your IT procedures is sketchy, making it difficult to reproduce the procedures or to troubleshoot. SCN Solutions, will install industry-recognized best practices so your business is protected. At SCN, we understand Network Management.

Network Management Encompasses:

  • Certified Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, and Apple technicians
  • Desktop Support (Hardware and Software)
  • Maintenance Plans for Desktops and Servers
  • Remote and Onsite Backup
  • Enterprise Application Management (ERP, Accounting, Office, Databases)
  • Terminal Services Remote Desktop
  • Exchange Server, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Compatible with Internal IT teams or fully outsourced

Network Monitoring

Effectively monitoring and managing the health of your critical business system is important. If you are not accurately taking inventory or monitoring your network environment, “like driving a vehicle without any checkups or inspection”, is just irresponsible. How much storage is left available? When will our warranties expire? Are backups successful every night? Are any systems about to fail? Monitoring tools help you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action through proactive monitoring of server and workstation security, hardware and disk performance, applications and software

Your IT systems run your business and unfortunately casual spot-checks of IT health is not good enough. Monitoring systems were invented to solve this problem. The SCN Expert Service Desk uses enterprise-class monitoring tools to continuously stay on top of your network.

Network Monitoring is installed on every device we manage, providing a health-check and immediate alerting on uptime, capacity, hardware failures, and more.

Network Monitoring Enables:

  • Monitoring and Alerting of all Managed Devices
  • Complete Asset Inventory
  • Ongoing Health and Status
  • Network Availability
  • Desktop and Service Host Capacity
  • Domain Name Services (DNS) Expiry
  • Backups Success / Failure
  • Firewall Health